Are There Hidden Cameras in Your AirBnB or Hotel Rooms? Here Is How To Find Out

With some recent high-profile cases of surveillance devices being found in Airbnb and hotel rooms in China, more and more people are becoming increasingly anxious over whether they are being secretly watched in their rentals.


To address these concerns, state broadcaster CCTV has released a segment focusing on two ways to help you spot any hidden cameras that might have been planted inside your room:

#1 Use a flashlight to look at all places with gaps and holes in your room, including air vents, radiators, wall sockets, and even shampoo bottles. As there is a special coating on the camera lens, it usually reflects a green or blue glare when there is light.


#2 Another way is to use your phone camera to scan for any light spot after turning off the lights and closing all the curtains in your room. If a light spot appears in your screen, it should be where an infrared camera that also functions in the dark is planted.


So, the next time that you’re traveling, make sure to keep this advice in mind and don’t forget to pack a flashlight.


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